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KFC T20 Big Bash Cricket
Best Value Family Entertainment

taking kids to the big bash cricket

So this blog will be special guest blog from my husband as we had planned to go along to the Brisbane Big Bash as a family (with the older two children) but our 16 month old had severe croup the day of the match and needed to go to hospital.  This happens quite regulary so as the kids were really excited (as was my husband) they still went along to the cricket.

KFC T20 Big Bash

Despite the drama of needing to call an ambulance during the day the kids (master 7 and miss 5) and I were quite excited to head along to the Big Bash game in Brisbane to watch the Brisbane Heat take on the Adelaide Strikers. It would have to be the best 6 hours of family entertainment and value for money going around. When you compare taking a family of four to the movies it will cost you approximately $65 for the tickets plus food and drink and that is only for two hours.

Getting to the Gabba

It started with us catching the bus to the Gabba at around 4:30pm (the game doesn’t start till 6:40pm) (the bus is complimentary as part of your ticket). The children loved riding the bus as they don’t get to do it often and this is where to fun and excitement begins. Once we got to the Gabba we entered the entertainment area which catered for all children big and small. The children got to partake in a number of games, competitions and fun activities such as face painting, throwing down the wickets, classic catches and hitting for six as well as mingle with the massive amounts of other children there.

taking kids to the big bash cricket

What's included in your ticket price

Once we entered the stadium we received our free KFC bucket hats, our clackers (they should take these back after the game to save the parents sanity) and blow up HEAT boopers. We also grabbed the free WeetBix 4/6 card. This is still all part of the $48 family ticket.

We found our seats in the general admission which was about 8 rows back from the fence and of course as soon as we are seated the kids tell me that they are hungry and thirsty. The great part about the cricket is a lot of families take in their own food, so I whipped out some snacks and water from home and we moved into the next phase of watching the players warm up, the HEAT dancers do their thing and the mascots, HEATER and ROCKETMAN entertain the crowd (don't forget your complimentary ear plugs for this, you'll need them at the end of the first innings!). The voice over people do a great job involving the crowd and hats off to the cameramen who do their best to try and get a number of children on the big screen much to their delight.

taking kids to the big bash cricket taking kids to the big bash cricket


Once the cricket started the children got very involved in the cheering, yelling and general excitement. They were introduced to different war cries (which I might add are time perfectly) as a couple of times Miss 5 stated she wanted to go home, but then they would involve the crowd and that provided Miss 5 with enough entertainment for the next few overs.

taking kids to the big bash cricket

The Atmosphere

It really is a fantastic family atmosphere and being an avid AFL supporter I'd love to see them take on some of these family entertainment ideas. Although the Heat didn’t win the crowd were always entertained and included – my children felt so proud when they got their faces on the big screen and the small games such as the kiss cam, air guitar and turn up the heat challenge all provided the children with so much fun.

Once the cricket was finished the bus ride home was easy and an experience for the children who were able to be back seat rebels and sit right up the back. They were thrilled with this! Congratulations to the Brisbane Heat and also Cricket Australia for delivering such an amazing family experience.

We'll be Back!

I know next year we will be getting family membership as it is one of the best types of entertainment to do as a family and a great price.  To buy ticket to the T20 KFC Big Bash click here.

taking kids to the big bash cricket

This is not a sponsored post however tickets were complimentary.

Scott Easdown, Dad of three