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School Holiday Activity Ideas

The aim of this page is to give you some inspiration when looking for free and cheap things to do on the school holidays with your kids.
Use our free school holiday planner to plan each day of the school holidays. 

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1. Go Geocatching

2. Do some cooking and baking

3. Catch some fish

4. Visit a museum

5. Visit a beach

6. Find out what activities are on at your local shopping centrekids school holiday activities

7. Borrow some books from your local library

8. Go bike riding

9. Watch the planes take off and land at the airport

10. Camp out - in your backyard or at some great spots across Australia.

11. Rearrange the kids bedrooms

12. Have a day at the beach/lake/river

13. Plant a herb and vegie garden together

14. Organise some playdates

15. Think like a tourist and explore your local area

16. Record your own movie or put on a fashion show with your smart phone

17. Make cupcakes

18. Have a games night

19. Fly a kite

20. Make some sock puppets

21. Make fruit skewers

school holidays22. Press flowers

23. Visit a library

24. Catch a bus or a ferry or a train

25. Read books on a trampoline

26. Go to a park and blow bubbbles

27. Go to the shops and try a fruit you've never tried before

28. Have a movie marathon

29. Make your own homemade pizza

30. Do your own family portraits


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